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Tecia Coelho: A Reliable Cosmetic Enhancement Specialist

I entered the beauty industry to make people feel beautiful, and that is what keeps me going on a daily basis. It is my passion to help people feel special and confident.

Core Values

  • Precision
  • Care
  • Personal Touch 

Member Of AAM


My Story

I was originally from Brazil. Since I was a child, I have always loved the idea of looking and feeling beautiful. I then got interested in cosmetology, and took my license in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My artistic talent in cosmetic treatment flourished through time. I got my recertification in cosmetology in the United States, which opened new opportunities for me to enhance my skills.

I take great pride that my clients appreciate the work that I do. As a certified permanent makeup artist, I feel an immense amount of happiness because I am able to help them feel at their best. 


Learn How I Can Help You

Dedicated to giving you the look that suits you, I can offer you confidence by bringing out your individuality. As I love helping people love themselves, I will create a custom look that is based on your personality—your sense of style and beauty. It is my goal to make you feel confident in your own skin.